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We make ​founders better ​fundraisers.

No more to spray and pray.

No more to spamming investor lists.

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People invest ​in People.


Founders still rely on creating templated pitch ​decks and bombarding investors through cold ​LinkedIn messages and emails.

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We are

those People.​

You can become one of them.


The guy that knows ​founders inside out.


The guy that knows ​investors inside out.

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Audit: We dissect your materials and strategies, ​spotlighting what's effective and what needs fixing.

Understand: Know your investors. We uncover their ​motivations and tailor your approach to hit home.

Craft: Craft a story that sticks. We create a ​narrative that captivates and connects emotionally.

Build: More than slides. We design a stunning, ​strategic deck that showcases your story perfectly.

Reach: Ditch cold messages. We guide you to engage ​with investors, meaningfully and effectively.

Don’t Wait.

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We only work with founders ​if they’re all in.

If you’re not committed to ​raise, come back when you ​are.

If you’re not sure, we can ​chat about it on our first ​call.



Time spent with us is time ​not fundraising. We want ​to move quickly to equip ​you with what you need to ​bring in the cash.



All in cost. No more.

Except if you want us to ​design your deck too. ​That’s £500 (+VAT)

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Hola at us.

Less spray and praying​,

more investor slayin​g.

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We never pick up.



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We’re here to help anyone regardless of race, ​sex, gender, religion or ethnicity.